Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan Foundation

Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan – God’s Own Chosen

Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan lived ordinary but worked wonderfully for the betterment of society, with a passion and a messianic spirit and commitment that was uniquely uncommon. In the public domain, she was known as an active, creative and innovative journalist and a versatile writer, which reflect only a small part of her glowing persona.

The Sudden quirk of destiny snatched Mangala away from our lives, but she lives amidst us as our part, as our dream, our inspiration and blessing. She personified a great idea, a dynamism, verve and elan not commonly seen in ordinary lives, and this gives us strength to perform and accomplish.

Rarely do we come across a sweet, charming, vibrant and brilliant idealist like her, full of mirthful energy and abundance of goodness. That void will remain unfilled.

The steps she had taken, the work she had begun is now our task. We try to fulfill those dreams, because she would have achieved them if God had given her that time.

Mangala was working on many books and projects on creative writing at the time of death. We have also taken up the work she started as her personal academic passion. We with a drop of our tears, promise to carry on the mission she initiated, the values she held dear and the love and smile she spread across.

Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan was born at Tutukudi, Tamil Nadu. She did her early education in Chennai and later in Delhi. She had a PhD and double MA in History and English literature. She began her career with the Probe Magazine in 1985 in Delhi. She worked with the Press Institute of India, UNI news agency and News Time.

She worked with Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art (IGNCA) for about two decades and was the Programme Director and heading the information unit at the time of her death, at the age of 52.

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