Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan Foundation

The foundation was launched on November 29, 2018, on the 53rd birth anniversary of Dr. Mangalam. At the launch, we had announced four annual awards, worth one lakh rupees each in the areas of interest to Dr. Mangalam.

These are in the field of

  • Excellence in journalism, (Reporting, Investigation and Presentation)
  • Science Reporting (Reporting in-depth, Authentic, Exceptionally Brilliant and with a commitment to promote research, innovation, and study with scientific temper)
  • Excellence in the field of art and literature and culture (Performing, Research, Writing and Teaching)
  • Investigative reporting, writing and exposing of medical malpractices and criminality in the field of commercialization and corporatisation of medical profession in India.

All the awards are constituted at the national level. The idea is to create a community of dedicated, exceptionally promising and idealistic professionalism, in these areas of our passion. We will invite nominations for these awards at the national level in the month of July every year.

The applications will be examined by a jury of independent experts, and will be announced in the month of October every year. We want these awards with passage of time to acquire a level of eminence and repute that no other such award has been able to achieve so far. It will be awarded on November 29th annually, on the birthday of Dr. Mangalam.

Other than these, we plan to work on some book projects Dr. Mangalam was in the process of completing. We also have plans to expand the activities of the foundation to new areas with the idea of helping, serving, and promoting creative, human efforts at all levels. This is a work in progress.

We welcome suggestions, and co-operation from like-minded organisations and individuals, who want to be part of making the Mangalam legacy a reality.

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