Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan Foundation

Award Criteria: Rules & Regulations

Excellence in journalism and Excellence in Science Reporting

The criteria for awards in Excellence in journalism and Science Reporting are significance of a news story, resourcefulness & courage in gathering information, & skill in relating the story apart from:

  • Degree of difficulty/ logistical challenges experienced
  • Comprehensiveness of the report commitment to professional ethics.
  • Resources available and means used for gathering information.

Journalists working for any Indian newspapers magazines online TV channels (published/telecast in the country) are eligible to apply. Indian language papers should send in their stories along with translations in English.

Excellence in the field of art, literature and culture

Contribution to sustain promote and experiment in all Indian art forms excellence in their performance, commitment to sustain the pursuit and innovation in those forms and academic contribution like research, training, book written are the criteria for the selection of the awardee.

Exposing Medical Malpractice

Exposing corporate medical malpractice, mafia, criminal acts in the practice like Organ trade etc. books written on the above aspects promoting medical ethics and reforms in curbing criminality in medical practices and work to create awareness among masses about the malpractice’s adopt by corporate/private hospitals.

Entries can be sent by individuals on their own or nominations can be made by interested persons/institutions/organisations.The last date for receiving entries is 30th September, 2023.

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